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DX360°® Self-Reporting Asset Auditor


The DX360°® Self-Reporting Asset Auditor™ is a ServiceNow app that makes asset auditing faster, cheaper, and more reliable. ​The app manages any asset inventory easily through the ServiceNow Portal and its Android and iOS mobile apps for remote reporting. It enables validated self-reporting, decreases process costs, improves time efficiency, and strengthens information fidelity. IT inventories are managed continuously for better control of IT audit management. From the Service Portal, employees perform validation checks to confirm possession of their assigned assets, report a discrepancy for devices listed under their control, or report new devices. End users can complete their workflow tasks via the desktop and native mobile ServiceNow application from their home office or remotely. Integrates with ServiceNow CMDB.

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Key Features

  • Validation Campaigns send tasks to end-users to validate their assets within the app with no need for labor-intensive physical monitoring or travel to remote locations
  • Multi-asset class support enables tracking of IT and non-IT assets (e.g. medical equipment)
  • Group Reporting Campaigns reduce effort in managing the data call and data collection process to improve reporting and auditing accuracy and timeliness.
  • Mobile barcode scanning and asset tags entry for easy to remote assets validation across a widely geographically dispersed base of tens of thousands of users in minutes!
  • Simplified corrections to incorrect asset data using tickets in the ServiceNow portal
  • ServiceNow CMDB integration is available if that is in use
  • Dashboards for campaign managers and asset managers track historical and current performance information about usage and validation campaign progress improving management and reporting for IT asset auditing


  • Reduces Costs to Manage and Validate Assets by using Campaigns to enable asset managers to easily validate end-user assets without requiring the asset team and field service technicians to travel to every user, field office, or remote work location. Savings are ~$100k in annual asset management costs per 1,000 users.
  • Improves Security Posture through more consistent monitoring of end-user assets, reducing security vulnerabilities, data loss risk, and asset loss risk
  • Eliminates risk from out-of-date asset inventory due to personnel shifts, hires, and departures.
  • Lowers Tech Refresh Costs by 5%-10% in overall end-user hardware costs through accurate asset inventory data
  • Simplifies Contract Transition by easing contract on-boarding and off-boarding with a single view of all Government Furnished Equipment (GFE)
  • Supports Remote Work using the mobile interface and end-user workflows enabling agencies to extend their asset management processes to hybrid work environments while reducing costs and improving asset monitoring
  • Convenient Self-Reporting through the Service Desk portal creates a convenient way of capturing real-time information for asset management across a widely geographically dispersed base of tens of thousands of users in minutes!