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Mission Software Development

Strengthen and increase the value delivery of software development through our Agile Software Factory, DevSecOps, No-Code/Low-Code, Citizen Development, and modern application architectures. Our solutions enable you to respond to rapid change and faster value delivery. Our offerings include:

Our advanced No Code/Low Code solutions are built on proven platforms to enable faster delivery at scale across the entire organization. Join the I3 Movement to learn about the difference that empowered agility can bring to your organization.

Agile Software Factory

“Our Agile Software Factory (ASF) solution includes standards-based full life cycle methods to develop mission-ready applications using PMI, SAFe, 12 Factor, ISO Quality, NIST and OMG. Our engineering methods are optimized for simple to complex software applications inclusive of custom, commercial platforms integrated apps, Cloud-native/hosted, and Serverless Apps. Our ASF solution includes continuously enhancing software innovation library of components that force efficiency and reusability for enterprise software development.

Our solution embeds technical debt analysis, security engineering, software supply chain governance, automated DevSecOps using Opensource, Cloud-native, and hybrid methods that fit specific mission needs We develop services and components with industry best practices/standards using open standard architecture in our design and engineering processes. We embrace cost optimization, reusability, self-healing, high availability for services, and component development leveraging industry technologies and research."

  • We have the technical solution and models (DoD, Civilian, and Commercial) to stand up, maintain, govern, and innovate an Agile Software Factory that is ready for your mission needs. Our approach covers the full application life cycle process to enable mission integration including custom code, low code/no code, AI, infrastructure automation, data, security, accreditation, change management, and staffing.
  • AgileGovernance™ blueprint with innovative agile practices for quick and decentralized decision-making.
  • OCM Playbook tailored to the customer's mission, goals, and objectives
  • Measures of Change promoting value-based, data-driven decision-making and greater transparency.


We develop implementation scripts, templates, and playbooks for target environments, and continue to refine per standards and practice guidance from NIST, AWS, Azure, DISA, and other industry governance bodies. Our solutions are ready to be tailored for mission environments with minimal updates - maximizing investments and optimizing cost.

Our DevSecOps approach is grounded in the CALMS model - Culture, Automation, Lean, Measurement, and Sharing. With a collaborative and customer centered culture, our entire team understands the purpose of the technology for each stakeholder group. This knowledge guides our requirements management, system design, system engineering, and development to ensure it is intuitive and user-friendly.

We leverage customer-owned tools to automate code builds, testing, deployments, and infrastructure provisioning to enable a continuous focus in eliminating unproductive activity, drive a streamlined system with efficient workflow and intuitive interfaces, and ensure application sustainment and enhancements are coordinated with cyber and information assurance at the forefront.

  • Our DevSecOps solutions are crafted for Federal Systems environments keeping security context, accreditation, enterprise architecture, and portfolio of applications/systems technologies factored in, that reduces time to implement, and allows easier onboarding of workloads. Additionally, integration of standards such as NIST RMF/Cyber, ZeroTrust, and Cloud vendor integrated services enables a highly scalable robust solution. Our teams support DevSecOps toolchains used in DoD Software Factories.
  • Strategy Blueprint for people, processes, and technology, aligned with mission objectives and transformation goals.
  • Digital Dexterity Library of curated resources for building technical literacy in the Federal Government.

Full Stack Development

We develop and implement managed code components with a layered architecture – UI/UX, Data, and Infrastructure. Our technical design embraces industry standards, security validated libraries, and modern SDKs. Our Full Stack development solution uses the foundations of our Agile Software Factory and Systems Engineering and Integration solution components and methods, making it the most comprehensive Software Engineering capability. Our solution includes full life cycle engineering capability (SDLC) with Agile and is scalable to a large portfolio of applications / Systems. Our solution factors in DoD, DHS, GSA, and other agencies’ Enterprise Architecture and design system guidelines to ensure faster deployment to production with swift ATO development and approvals.

Additionally, our solution includes ready-to-deploy template applications that are integration-ready in Federal Agencies for promoting faster time to value and cost savings; for example, the code base for,, containerization with Docker, declarative DevSecOps templates for Kubernetes deployments, and Infrastructure as Code with Ansible & Terraform.

  • Our Full Stack Development embraces Agile development practices, embedded Security Engineering, reusable Agile Factory Ready components, and Microservices architecture. Our development approach delivers quality application features with decreased implementation time and cost.
  • Cross-Organizational Information Roadmaps to understand and evolve data, its use, and infrastructure to build organizational value and insight.
  • Immediate feedback loops that generate responsive, iterative delivery and adoption through PlatformFirst™ and the ParadigmSHIFT™ OCM framework.

Low Code / No Code

We design and develop solutions embracing platform best practices, and deep domain knowledge and experience. Our solutions use best-of-the-breed technologies and components provided by the platform to maximize investments and capabilities. Our approach allows leveraging platform accreditation, security, data, and infrastructure that reduces the time to implement and turn capability on for the mission needs. Our solutions significantly reduce time to value and mission capabilities as we build on the practitioner's approach with our growing Platform Component Factory.

Our solution empowers citizen development and democratizes the software development for the mission workforce by streamlining the modernization projects with low code/no-code platforms. Our solution includes a readily available repository of training, governance, SOPs, starter apps, and integration components that simplify, secure and optimize platform applications.

  • We are recognized for our digital transformation capabilities using the PlatformFirst™ approach with Low Code/No Code model. We have implemented a notable number of complex mission-critical systems using the Low code/No-Code platforms with agility, decreased time to value (up to 200%), and 50%+ ROI.
  • Adoption Velocity catalyzing the adoption early on and initiates momentum for strong Adoption Vigor.
  • Digital Time-to-Value reduction that proves the agility and business gains possible.
  • Digital Overall shift in your organization's paradigm and culture for change endurance.

Systems Engineering and Integration

Our Systems Engineering & Integration (SEI) solution includes standards-based full life cycle methods to develop mission-critical applications using ISO, IEEE, ANSI, CMMI, OMG, PMI, DoD, and NIST standards and frameworks. Our SEI methods are optimized for mission-critical software systems inclusive of model-based, open standards, simulations, and custom integrations with modern technology integration by leveraging techniques such as Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and Digital Twins.

We apply modern technology platforms, languages, and agile methods to implement systems components. Our solutions are packaged with test automation, and simulations to validate at all levels of the system. Additionally, our architecture approach includes abstract levels of integration capabilities for extensibility to other systems and functions.

  • Our solutions and development approach implements modern Agile and DevSecOps practices that significantly improve the Systems Engineering methods by significantly reducing effort and time while improving the overall quality.
  • Holistic framework to identify, assess, correlate, coordinate, and manage risk.
  • Seize opportunities across people, processes, and technology to build a proactive, resilient organization.