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DX 360°® Solutions

Proactive readiness is essential to protecting critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks. Our solutions provide a frictionless approach to intelligently protect the mission-enabling IT from managing identity and access to evaluating, accrediting, and monitoring ​system security.​ Our offerings include:

Agile Security Governance

Using our ASG allows customers to implement a comprehensive, integrated approach to cybersecurity by ensuring that cyber is built into the design, development, implementation and enhancement of their systems. We help our customers to “bake” security into their agile development to expedite security accreditations/reviews and transition to delta ATOs for quick release in support of Agile and DevSecOps frameworks. We work with our customers to establish tailored cyber architecture standards that can be implemented consistently across the enterprise, supporting both new development and system enhancements to increase cyber resilience and ease of maintenance. Our ASG models directly integrate with industry-best Agile/PM frameworks (SAFe, PMI…etc.) and DevSecOps tools to naturally embed tasks into project sprints. We continuously research Agile methods and enhance our ASG approach and tasks, building support for critical Federal cyber initiatives such as Zero Trust into security architecture and engineering as well as release methods, models, and apps (Process Templates for Azure DevOps, Jira…etc.) to ensure a secure delivery.

Continuous ATO

Historically, ATOs were issued for a 3-year period based on the concept that systems remained relatively stable and new development was multi-year efforts. However, the advent of agile and DevSecOps ensure that changes to the system (architecture, technology and enhancements) happens rapidly and to maintain a secure, resilient system, cATO must be implemented. Our framework and Apps provide Security Professionals guidance and automation to achieve cATO goals by up to 80% when compared to the classic approach. We offer techniques, checklists, templates and process models, aligned with DoD DevSecOps Reference Architecture, to implement a cyber strategy promoting real time or near real time visibility into cyber defenses and ensuring the maintenance of a system's security posture. We embed and automate these processes into our DX360o signature security applications that can be quickly leveraged for cATO achievements and continuous monitoring with a focus on rapid and secure deployment (continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD))

Identity & Access Modernization

Digital Transformation, Cloud Smart, Open Data/Data Sharing, Remote/Hybrid Work policies, Supply Chain Risk Management and Zero Trust initiatives have spotlighted our customer's challenges with Identity and Access Management. Current agency architectures often rely on multiple access management methods and tools, without a single federated, integrated identity that can be easily identified, monitored and maintained throughout the division, agency, organization and even cross-organizationally. Our expertise in integrating with Federal Single Sign On, identity access standards (SAML, Oauth, Open ID) and Identity as a Service (IDaaS) systems enable us to guide our customers to implement best practices for IAM, including user, device and endpoint services authentication, adaptive multifactor identification, risk-based authentication for escalated security events and systems, and AI/ML identity resolution. We tailor our solutions to ensure adaptive IAM policies are enforced for laptops, government issued equipment, mobile and tablet devices and apply our expertise in ZTA access to provide a framework for fine-grained access based on user, device, network, and contextual information based on location.

Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA)

Our solution framework addresses key challenges our customers are encountering when planning, designing and implementing ZTA. It is a comprehensive approach starting with self-assessment tools to identify and target gaps, plan implementation, improve security architecture and development processes and standards and track ZTA achievement. We provide NIST/CISA knowledge-embedded meta-models, templates, tools, and applications (e.g., DX360o Security ARMOR) to “jumpstart” the process instantly upon engagement. Our comprehensive solution provides a full lifecycle process for ZTA enablement and sustainment, targeting areas where we have seen our customers struggle(e.g., data classification, IAM). It includes requirements/goals synthesis and the tools/guidance required to accomplish the goals with specific solutions to address ZTA challenges:

  • ZeroTrust Self-Assessment Solution/Tool to identify gaps and define a roadmap to implement ZTA and track success.
  • ZeroTrust Federated Identity & Access Management (ZFIAM) Solution to tackle challenges of monitoring, managing and maintaining Federated identities.
  • ZeroTrust Data Classification Solution to implement granular, “need to know” data classification strategies.
  • ZeroTrust Apps & Workloads Tracking System with Remediation Solutions for monitoring and maintain ZTA activities.
  • ZeroTrust Architecture and Governance Management.

Information Assurance

For our customers, security is about implementing and maintaining controls from multiple standards, supporting federal cyber initiatives (e.g., Zero Trust, Supply Chain Risk Management), responding to new threats, and managing enterprise or government wide IA efforts in an evolving technical landscape.

To support these ever-changing cyber and assurance needs, we continuously research NIST/CISA standards and build repositories of meta models, implementation frameworks, and applications (DX360o Security ARMOR, NIST Data Governor) to simplify and unify the security achievement goals for IA. We research and develop AI/ML tools and uses to support risk-based decisions based on new and emerging technologies and threats. This approach enables reduced cycle time and significantly increases compliance goals while reducing costs.

Our Information Assurance solution provides a comprehensive and systematic approach for securing applications, systems, and data with standards-based automated methods. Our AI approach protects information systems by ensuring availability, integrity, authentication, confidentiality and non-repudiation. We implement platform-based, custom applications, and Agency-specific information security to ensure information sensitivity and impact level assurance. Our solution services include Security Assessment, Accreditation, and Risk management for enterprises and systems portfolios.