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DX360°® Organizational Change Manager (DXOCM™)


DX360°® Organizational Change Manager (DXOCM™) app operationalizes organizational change through out-of-box configurable capability built on NetImpact's proven organizational change management (OCM) framework, ParadigmSHIFT®, the DXOCM app drives transparent and organic change by instilling multi-directional trust and improving the planning and execution of the change. The app enables organic adoption, and lasting changes, along with positive and sustainable mission outcomes​ while delivering a 3x to 4x cost-savings.

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Key Features

  • Systematic OCM with Automation Turbos that codify a proven operating model into a self-directed tool that simplifies governance and regulations, aligns with the change type lifecycle, automates workflows and tasks, generates deliverables, and propels progress with notifications and reminders to free up resource time
  • Scalable digital team-in-a-box with "1-click" deployment software for any change – any time and without heartburns about knowledge management and transition, reducing low-value work and raising morale
  • Enterprise-level view is enabled by the Change Plan Command Center for cross-department or cross-initiative insights and planning to inform your next change project, program, and initiative
  • Extensive library of performance measures to manage progress, health, obstacle and success trends, adoption metrics, and KPIs with the ability to capture, trend, analyze, forecast, and dashboard results
  • Collection of Training and Templates that provide step-by-step, intuitive guidance to address the learning and knowledge management needs of Change Managers


  • Accelerates ROI by automating 80% of tasks normally done by consultants, allowing for faster change implementation
  • Democratizes change by educating, empowering, and engaging the organization's entire workforce and promoting lasting enterprise-wide adoption
  • Streamlines mission and initiative-level operations by providing enterprise-wide support for multiple change initiatives across the organization
  • Accelerates the speed of change by providing a prescriptive DIY OCM process, reducing the need for external consultants and improving ROI
  • Enables clear insight and trend-based forecasting using intelligent, easy information collection and data-backed decision-making using predictive analytics
  • Drives accountability by deploying meaningful performance measures to track and manage outcomes
  • Centralized visibility and management of the change plan helps maintain synchrony and reduce redundant work