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DX360°® Onboarding Orchestrator


DX360°® Onboarding Orchestrator is a user-friendly application that provides end-to-end support for the contractor onboarding process. The app helps to streamline the process, providing potential employees and contractors with a publicly accessible portal. where they can access all necessary information and resources related to their onboarding in one place. Within the app portal, users can make changes, upload additional documents, submit inquiries to the approving office and track the status. Onboarding Orchestrator also allows potential employees and contractors to complete tasks, access training documents, and schedule security activities within the app while they wait on their credentials. Customized reports provide detailed information to make the process easier, save time, and help enable smoother contractor onboarding.

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Key Features

  • User Portal is publicly accessible for candidates to easily fill out a request application, upload necessary documentation, and track progress eliminating cumbersome manual routing
  • Equipment Request functionality to facilitate timely requests and approvals for Government Furnished Equipment (GFEs)
  • Knowledge Base provides candidates can access to correct forms, FAQs, or receive organization-wide news and updates eliminating the need to communicate with each candidate individually
  • Admin Management Dashboard to manage user accounts, initiate processes, provide approvals, assign security groups and roles, and access BI reports data
  • BI Reports Dashboard shows progress and determines where the bottlenecks are in the process and helps target process improvements
  • On-Boarding Dashboard to simultaneously monitor a portfolio of onboarding candidates and drill down to review any individual’s information
  • Unified Communication / Email Messaging and Internal App Messaging capability within the app to message both candidates engaged in the onboarding process as well as departments engaged in supporting the onboarding
  • Customizable workflows and reporting capabilities that can be tailored to meet the needs of the organization without developers or consultants
  • Integrated workflow task management in the onboarding process allows for clear tracking of candidate progress and scheduling of appointments and communication.
  • Auto-generates emails in response to requests
  • Security groups to assign different roles to gather appropriate approvals throughout the process
  • Easily integrates with other major systems to create a seamless information transfer


  • Reduced staff effort and shorter onboarding time by 5-10% by eliminating manual data collection and routing processes and automating approvals
  • Faster onboarding reduces the risk of losing contractor talent and eases contract and/or personnel transitions
  • Transparent status updates for applicants and approvers reduces the need for follow-ups and redundant effort
  • Clear and transparent status for both applicant and approver