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Cloud and Infrastructure

Optimizing investments in the Cloud doesn't have to be a lofty goal. Our solutions build and accredit cloud environments; assesses, architect, and migrate applications; and manage network support for distributed computing.​ We leverage automation and DevSecOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) principles into traditional operations to increase deployment automation and implement self-healing capabilities. Our offerings include:

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

We apply a performance-based model based in industry best practices to establish continuous improvement mechanisms, both social and technical, to define, measure, report, and improve on service commitments. We assist our customers in iterating on optimization by delivering the transparency and insight into performance necessary to enable incremental, measurable improvement over time across infrastructure, culture, and service responsiveness. With toil reduction and self-healing in place, our customers and their mission customers enjoy operations at higher service capacity, automated security by design, and a unifying framework that minimizes outage and incident durations.

Cloud Optimization

What you consume matters, as does how you consume it. Improvements to performance and scalability of cloud-based services directly affects the speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of our customers’ cloud use. Our teams employ full optimization strategy that includes architecture, infrastructure, and application design review and assessment of infrastructure components, such as storage and networking, to help our customers save on consumption costs and improve their ability to scale up or down as needed.

End User Services

We provide enterprise level solutions that enable work from anywhere, combining secure device management, asset management, and business application management using cloud solutions to allow agencies to balance their cost, user choice, and risk to meet their enterprise mission needs. We build and support enterprise level service management that includes intuitive self-service, federation to support site-specific and organization-specific workflows while continuously reducing the service desk operation costs and increasing user satisfaction.

Our capabilities include end user device management, cloud based virtual machine solutions, Service Desk design and development, Service Desk Operations, Self-Service Portal design and operation, software and hardware management, and common user software and business application development and management. We integrate these capabilities to deliver a unified end user experience to enable the right device, right access, and right software that deliver highly engaged users able to deliver mission value anywhere.

Enterprise IT Consolidation/Modernization

With operating costs consuming up to 70% of IT budgets, we enable agencies to simplify their IT environment through enterprise consolidation, enabling simplification and economies of scale across their networking, security, hosting, applications, and end user services. We define sustainable enterprise architectures and consolidation blueprints to define a clear end state and provide a road map for consolidation efforts.

Our technical teams leverage capabilities of cloud-based architectures to modernize network and hosting infrastructures through use of software defined networking, hybrid and multi-cloud solutions to drive scalable, reliable, and resilient infrastructure to support mission applications and user needs. We drive application rationalization and modernization to reduce redundancy and align capabilities to meet emerging mission needs. Our security solutions drive a zero-trust architecture model as a baseline approach to consolidation and modernization efforts, focusing on scaled access and authorization management, system, behavior, and event monitoring, and use of analytics and AI/ML to more quickly identify anomalies and negative trends.

IT Service, Operations & Business Management

We automate and optimize technology service operations to expand resilient, cost-effective services while delivering extraordinary employee experiences and productivity. We improve IT service and operations teams' productivity, resilience, and availability and enable employees and customers to self-solve issues for increased IT satisfaction.

We leverage automation and AI to drive faster incident resolution, improved IT efficiency, reduction in outages and faster recovery from outages while lowering operational costs and total volume in an automated and predictive manner.

We combine domain IT business management expertise with platform solutions to enable a unified view of all demand, work, budgets and costs. We enable agencies to track key initiatives and visualize dependencies across different teams and work-streams, increasing the ability to prioritize and fund the right work at a granular level while ensuring teams and resources remain aligned to broader strategic outcomes.

Robotic Process Automation

We develop scalable and extensible solutions using modular automations to maximize reuse, using DevSecOps tools to speed deployment, and setting up and accrediting enterprise level orchestration for unattended automations. We deliver hyperautomation by combining RPA with the integration and low-code workflow tools of platforms like ServiceNow and Microsoft—enabling work to flow seamlessly by quickly and easily connecting to any system, and automating routine, UI-centric work.

Intelligent Automation

We will provide end-to-end solutions that extend automation beyond the rule-based capabilities of RPA leveraging AI/ML models along with enterprise low/no code platforms, and purpose-built APIs to provide the ability for end-to-end automation and orchestration of complex, multi-function and multi-system mission workflows. Our capabilities include service orchestration, enterprise job scheduling and workload automation with universal connectors and API accessibility needed to seamlessly manage data and dependencies between disparate systems, making truly end-to-end automated processes possible.