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DX360°® Security ARMOR®


The DX360°® Security Accreditation, Remediation, Management of Operations and Risk (ARMOR™) solution tracks accreditation status and progress against National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) controls, Federal Information Security Modernization Act (FISMA) compliance, and enterprise security health. Security ARMOR® is a commercial-off-the-shelf product that enables continuous monitoring for compliance, security risk identification, and remediation for the entire IT portfolio. It provides a single source of information for effective management of your mission's security posture while automating the implementation of information security policies for a unified, secured portfolio.

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DX360°® Security ARMOR® Agile Information Assurance (IA) provides accreditation management with automated RMF support in compliance with NIST guidance

DX360°® Security ARMOR® National Security provides accreditation management with automated RMF support, including additional DoD and Intel specific requirements

DX360°® Security ARMOR® FedRAMP supports automated accreditation management for FedRAMP authorization process

DX360°® Security ARMOR® Enterprise supports accreditation management for RMF, FedRAMP with additional Enterprise Analytics and Security Management features

Key Features

  • End-to-end workflow for Security Framework enables the Accreditation process with a simple wizard that guides users through the RMF lifecycle process using automated steps for controls selection, assessment procedures, document generation, approvals, and more
  • Customizable workflows automate seamless reviews and approval hand-offs between different roles and levels of the process
  • No-Code application architecture supports tailoring the solution for any Agency specific needs to automate mapping systems and applications to accreditation requirements based on categorization and overlays
  • Document auto-generation based on categorization, Control assignments, and findings assessment in Agency-specific templates for standardized reporting and documentation needs
  • Dashboards & Reports to provide powerful capabilities for real-time, visualization of accreditation progress, vulnerability remediation status, review and approval readiness for Plan of Actions and Milestones (POA&Ms), upcoming Authorization Termination Date (ATDs), and other important events and activities


  • Centralized Accreditations and Systems Management to manage data capture, documents, approvals, and compliance in a robust hyper-scale repository designed to manage risks and outcomes-focused compliance
  • Automated, Continuous Compliance Monitoring, and Enforcement to significantly increase productivity while reducing toil, time, and costs
  • Collaboration Across Security, Systems, and DevSecOpsTeams to share information and continuously improve Accreditations status, vulnerability remediation, and resources security
  • Enterprise Visibility to view Accreditations, systems, resources, POAM’s current status, expirations, planning, remediations, and renewal activities status in real-time
  • One-stop-shop for proactive cybersecurity and information assurance (IA) management across all your IT investments with centralized data for ease of workload management, up-to-date maintenance, continuous monitoring, and effortless compliance - at an enterprise level
  • Security aligned to mission needs through automation, improved information integrity, and decrease of ATO achievement time from 180+ days to 3 months!