Featured Article SRE could be the answer to government digital services

NetImpact CEO Venkatapathi “PV” Puvvada shares insights on how Google’s IT playbook around site reliability engineering (SRE) transformed the commercial industry and the immense potential it holds for government modernization.

SRE provides organizations with a next generation approach to optimize IT systems to become more reliable, scalable, resilient and efficient. This article explores opportunities for government agencies to apply commercial successes in their digital service delivery to better keep up with citizen expectations.

Featured Product DX360°® C-SCRM

Globalization factors and the expansion of our technology ecosystem are forcing a re-defining of a meaningful electronic perimeter. Evolving threat actors are maturing their attack methods to take advantage of weak links in the supply chain. DX360°® C-SCRM can help neutralize threats, build agency resiliency, and implement protections aligned with your OMB M-22-18 practices.

Featured Solution ParadigmSHIFT®

NetImpact's unique organizational change management (OCM) framework is proven to drive transparent and organic change specifically for the Federal Government. With OCM aligned to development practices and in equilibrium with the organization's strategic vision, we make change organic.